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About Melissa Crook

Melissa Crook, a native of South Carolina, studied Architecture and received a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design. She balances her career in Corporate Real Estate Strategic Planning with the creative freedom of glass. In her teens she worked in stained glass and began creating Lampworked glass beads in 1997. The beads are shaped in the flame of an oxygen/propane torch using Italian glass with precious metals. The beads are annealed to strengthen them, though the fragile nature of the glass remains.


About Lampwork Glass

Lampwork glass is a process that has been practiced since ancient times. Beads have been traded and sold for centuries. I am honored to continue this tradition that is so rich in history around the world. Lampwork refers to the process of using a torch device to melt and shape glass. The original torches used in lampwork were an oil fueled “lamp.” The typical torches used today are fueled by an oxygen/propane mixture. This process is now often referred to as flamework and or torchwork. Lampwork is a process used to create beads and art as well as scientific and chemical tools.


Show Schedule

10/3 - Saluda Shoals Park, Irmo, SC

11/33 – Trinity Cathedral Bazaar – Columbia, SC


Show Vita

May - Rosewood Crawfish Festival, Columbia, SC
May – Columbia Green – Artists in the Garden, Columbia, SC - Juried
September – Aiken’s Makin’ – Aiken, SC – Juried
September – Fall N2 Art Show, Columbia, SC
November – Trinity Cathedral Bazaar, Columbia, SC
December – Rosewood Arts Guild All Member Show, Columbia, SC

February – “Pentimento” Blue Ridge Arts Council, Seneca, SC – Juried
May – Rosewood Crawfish Festival, Columbia, SC
September – RISD Pavilion -Boston Gift Show, Boston,MA - Juried
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